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School Uniform

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  • Uniforms must be clean, neat and in good condition.
  • The personal appearance and dress of students must fit in with the norms generally accepted by the community served by the school.
  • Learners are expected at all times to ensure that their appearance is neat and appropriate.
  • Failure to ensure that appearance is neat and appropriate or to comply with directives relating to dress and appearance may
  • result in disciplinary action.


  • Navy Blue pencil skirt or long pants with School blouse.
  • No visible t-shirts or tops under the school blouse.
  • Navy v-neck jersey with school badge
  • A navy sleeveless pullover and/or a long-sleeved regulation jersey may be worn.
  • Black closed shoes.
  • No cosmetics are allowed. Only clear varnish may be worn. Nails may not extend beyond the fingertips.
  • Only small study or gold or silver sleeper ear-rings may be worn. Only one ear-ring in each ear is allowed.
  • No jeweler. No fancy or colored hair clips or rings are allowed.
  • Cycling shorts may NOT be visibly worn.
  • White short socks (tennis socks) or navy (winter) or flesh (summer) pantyhose.


  • always tied back. If the hair touches the collar it must be tied up. Hair must be neat and styles appropriate to uniform standards. Clips, slides and bands must be as close to the learner's hair colour as possible and unobtrusive bands or ribbons for plaits and pony tails may be dark blue or white. Hair may be coloured to enhance the natural colour but it may not be excessively lightened using peroxide or any other bleaching agent. Hair shaven shorter than no. 3 is not permitted. In all cases the hairstyle should meet with the approval of the Principal.
  • Allowance will be made for girls to wear braids provided they conform to all the other rules. Gel may not be used extensively or used to conceal other hairstyle infringements.


  • Khaki pants with School shirt.
  • Navy  jersey with a school badge and/or navy v-neck jersey.
  • A regulation navy sleeveless pullover and/or a long-sleeved regulation jersey may be worn.
  • Black leather shoes.
  • Navy socks.
  • No visible piercings. Jewellery may not be worn although a wrist watch and medic alert bracelets may be worn.
  • Boys must shave as soon as stubble is visible. All boys must be clean-shaven about the face. Unshaven learners will be sent to the Admin Office for shaving equipment and will pay a levy. The learner will also be placed in detention.
  • Long sleeve shirts are NOT to be rolled up.
  • Must wear a belt at all times.
  • Hair styles must be appropriate to uniform standards. Hair must be off the collar at the back and off the ear s. Sideburns may not be longer than the middle of the ear-hole and fringes must be above the eyebrows. Hair should be neatly tapered to the shape of the head. Abnormal hairstyles, gel assisted spikesand hair shaven shorter than no. 3 are not permitted. Dye or bleach must not be used. In all cases the hairstyle should meet with the approval of the Principal.
  • Boys will be permitted to wear braids if no extensions are used (i.e. own hair only) and no hair accessories, gel or other fixatives are used to keep them in place. Braided hair must conform to all the other rules.


  • Drimacs may be worn on rainy days.
  • Civvies: modest attire only. No make-up but jewellery is allowed.

 PLEASE NOTE: If, for any reason, a learner is unable to wear a particular item of clothing, as specified in the preceding uni form regulations, a letter of explanation from a parent or guardian is to be presented by the learner to the Principal before 08:00. The period of exemption will be allocated.

 It must be clearly understood that the Principal reserves the right, with the approval of the Governing Body and the Education n Department, to object to any individual hairstyle and to instruct such a learner to modify it. In such cases, the parents are asked to co-operate with the School and see that the instructions given by the Principal or a member of Staff appointed by her are carried out.

Uniform Prices:

Girls and Boys shirts – R 200.00 per shirt

Girls and Boys jerseys – R 200.00 per jersey