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About Us

Excelsior Academic College was established in 2008 by Ms H.A. Derrett, she is also the Principal of the college as well as being an active full time teacher. Passionate about education and changing the lives of people through education, Ms Derrett opened the College with that vision in mind. Creating an environment for any age, culture and background to give them a chance to change their lives through education.

Excelsior Academic College is a registered Cambridge International Examinations College, offering IGCSE, AS and A levels. Qualifications that are recognized worldwide by universities and employers. Our aim is to provide you with high quality education, and have teachers and staff that will strive to make this happen! Cambridge studies are offered in 4 different programs to cater for all age groups.

We also offer online courses that are completely hassle free and completed at your own pace and own time.

Our Vision & Mission Statement

To deliver high-quality and leading edge education

Developing successful independent students

Preparing students for the future and the next steps in their education

Equipping students with the required skills to confidently step into university or employment

Building lasting relationships with our students and helping them reach their full potential

Monitoring Academic Process

We are actively involved with each and every student that comes through our school and college. Daily communication helps us stay on top of each students’ process. If you are looking for a college that will be there for you throughout your studies and assisting and supporting you with all your needs for your chosen course, Excelsior Academic College is definitely the place for you.

Policies & Code of Conduct

High standard education is our motto. In order to achieve your potential, we have set out a code of conduct as well as policies to ensure equal respect between student and college relationships. View our full code of conduct

School hours

Classes are timetable in 45 minute sessions between 08h00 and 14h00. Registers are taken at 07h45.


Classes are kept small and intimate, our classes range from 4 per class to maximum of 15 students per class, to ensure that the tuition is centered on the students and to give each student the unique attention they require with their work. Each student is given the chance to actively participate in every discussion.

Holiday refresher

We even care about you in your holiday, and although we want you to rest, we give you a “Holiday Refresher Pack” in order for you to stay on track with your studies. (You are welcome Parents, now you have an excuse to keep your child busy during the holidays and minimize the grey hair count.)


The College is available on a variety of different communication platforms, such as social media, calls, emails, texts. We love to keep in touch with our students and parents and make sure you get the quickest feedback on any query.