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Pre-Primary School

Pre-Primary School

Starting school is a special time for children and parents alike. However, parents and learners feel nervous about the changes ahead. At Excelsior Academic College, we aim to make the transition as smooth as possible. Learners and staff alike look forward to welcoming new children into our special school community. We offer school visits and trial days for children interested in enrolling in the school.

The staff strive to provide an inspiring, stimulating and exciting environment where everyone feels valued, safe and well cared for. We want children to have fun and enjoy success in all aspects of their education. We encourage parents to play an active part in the children’s education. The children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum for England. This provides the with a broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for a good future.

The following areas are covered in the curriculum:

  • Literacy – English, Afrikaans and isiZulu,
  • Mathematics,
  • Science,
  • Arts.
  • Gross and fine motor skills,
  • Communication and language,
  • Physical development,
  • Personal, social and emotional development.

We aim to create a safe, caring and stimulating environment in which everyone to develop to their full potential. Excelsior Academic College is a happy, friendly school with dedicated staff team of educators and non-educators.


Full school uniform is compulsory. Your child will take part in a range of messy and creative play activities both inside and outside the classroom. Children need to bring a set of spare clothes, including underwear to school. This must be kept in their school bag.