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Grade 0000 – Grade 0


Excelsior Academic College Pre-primary is situated on the same campus as the primary and high
school. The Pre-Primary is to bridge that gap between home and formal school. there is a structured
daily programme. The class sizes are small, and the children experience a hands-on learning
experience. Perceptual, auditory, fine and gross motor skills are learnt both in the classroom and on
the playground. Emphases is placed on exploration and discovery allowing them to become
independent learners. They also develop social, emotional physical and intellectual skills. Our
curriculum is designed around the needs of the individual students for growth, creating
opportunities so that they can become independent learners. We are committed to all round
development. Their days are filled with imaginative play, fairy tales and outdoor play to name just a
few. Progress is shared with the parents verbally and in written reports. The children are happy and
excited to come to school where they develop. Extra murals are also offered.


Sensory garden


Safe and secure environment

Learn through play

Nurturing and stimulating environment

Small classes for individual attention

Physical education

Extra mural activities

Aftercare and holiday care